Microsoft have some great offers on discounted tech for charities. Find out whether your organisation is eligible.

It’s hard to picture work without some of the more popular Microsoft products. For many of us, the Office suite of products will have provided a constant as we have moved throughout our careers. No matter where you work, or what you’re doing, at some point you’re probably going to have to open up Powerpoint, Excel or Word.

With the move to working from home, Microsoft Teams has now reached this level of ubiquity. Even before the pandemic, we highlighted how cloud-based solutions allowed for increased communication and collaboration. Now, Teams has become a fixture of many charities’ daily operations – allowing staff to keep in touch and work together via instant messaging chat, video conferencing capabilities and quick-and-easy file sharing.

These products have allowed many charities to make a smooth transition to a remote working model, and continue to offer their vital services amidst a climate of challenges and disruptions.

Most of us probably take access to these solutions as a given. But charity digital leaders will need to make decisions when it comes to sourcing software and licenses for employees. There are a number of Microsoft products available at a discounted rate through the Charity Digital Product Platform and Exchange Programme. These can allow organisations (particularly smaller charities with limited budgets) to gain access to important software at affordable rates.

But Microsoft Products do have eligibility criteria in place. Before you can apply for discounted charity access to these solutions, you must find out whether or not your organisation meets these criteria.

These criteria may not be easy to understand. They are written for a US audience, and use the term ‘nonprofit’ as a catch-all term, slightly differently to how organisations in the UK would be considered for eligibility. In this article, we break down these criteria and examine what they mean for UK organisations.

Whilst we cannot determine for certain which organisations would and would not be eligible, this breakdown of Microsoft’s nonprofit eligibility criteria should help you to get started. For more information, contact our customer service team.