The group call companion coordinators are the main point of contact for a group of our call companion volunteers and the older people they speak to on a regular basis. Our coordinators are a critical part of the Re-engage team, ensuring that their group of call companions have the support and necessary information to make regular calls to older people.

The coordinator works alongside Re-engage staff to match the older people (older call companions) and volunteer call companions in their group and ensures that volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities.  

As a coordinator you will spend a few hours each month talking with your call companions and relaying update information to the charity updating Re-engage. You’ll receive training, support, and regular communications from the charity and share information with your team of callers.

Being a coordinator for Re-engage is a fulfilling and enjoyable role. Just a few hours a month from you can make all the difference of the lives of lonely older people. 

Contact information
Hayley Stokes Support Officer
Telephone: 0208 017 8231