Financial, counselling and mental health advice for newly-arrived refugees, asylum seekers, BAME residents, elderly, unaccompanied minors, low-income families, and children and women suffering from mental health and exclusion.

For residents in Wales, Wiltshire, Leicestershire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, South Yorkshire,
Mansfield, Staffordshire, Kent or East London

Call: 07508 773336 MON-FRI: 9AM-1PM or 0208 572 0300 MON-FRI: 10AM-5PM
Volunteers and staff can communicate with service-users in their own languages (Farsi-Persian, Pashtu, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi)

ENGLISH COVID-19 Telephone Helpline
FARSI COVID-19 Telephone Helpline
URDU COVID-19 Telephone Helpline