Hanley city centre:
A range of measures have been introduced in the city centre to give reassurance and confidence to workers, shoppers and visitors that the reopening is being managed carefully and responsibly, with the interests of people’s health and safety at the forefront of our plans. The work has involved detailed planning and collaboration with businesses to do this in a way that takes in local knowledge to manage potential hotspots and to physically point out the signage, barriers and other visible measures in place to help.

In the city centre measures put in place alongside the Business Information District include:
• Metal barriers are in place at a number of shops – directing people in and out of premises.
• Queue markings are in place – these are footprint signs on the floor spacing out two metres. They have been put in place in 109 locations.
• Larger stencils are being prepared to welcome people into the city centre and will be installed in the coming days.
• Establishments such as banks, Boots, and KFC are all currently open. Primark, TK Maxx and intu Potteries will all open on Monday, June 15.
• A queuing system has been put in place for people visiting the cash point at the NatWest bank – the queue takes people up Huntbach Street. Highways teams have narrowed the road there, to allow extra space for a walkway.
• Work has been taking place with businesses, so that barriers lead to and from specific entry and exit points to premises, for example, Boots has approximately seven entry/exit doors, and these have been restricted to one for going in, one for going out.

Other towns in the city:
All of our towns in Stoke-on-Trent are open for business from Monday, June 15. We are looking to address hotspots in all our town centres where similar measures as in the city centre may be needed. These will be targeted where required in a measured way. These measures have been funded through the High Street Fund from government of which we received £227,000. We are working through with businesses what’s needed in their areas. We will share more information as the situation evolves.

Bus Stations:
Social distancing measures have been put in place across the cities bus stations. These include a reduction in the number of seats available, directional markings including floor stickers and social distancing guidance.