The CoG 7th Day Hanley, Pearl Training Academy has been working on setting up emergency support for families on low-income and vulnerable groups who are facing extreme hardship during these difficult times, in particular from the bame community. Thanks to support from The Community Foundation for Staffordshire, they are now able to go ahead with this, with immediate effect.

They will be trying to help with:
• packages of non-perishable food items
• nappies and formula for babies/toddlers
• essential items such as toiletries
• assistance with certain utility bills
• and clothing

For more information, or to offer to volunteer, please contact at

They have also partnered with TWOCO, who are a registered charity and the umbrella organisation for Women of Justice Arise.

As part of the Stoke Women Holding It All Together For Covid 19, they have organised a baby bank/food pantry to support:
• pregnant asylum women
• homeless asylum seekers
• survivors of domestic or sexual violence
• and widows/orphans that are being affected by the lock-down.

They will be offering assistance in the form of baby essentials, sanitizers and food parcels. If you would like more info, or to arrange for support for someone you’re in contact with, please contact Deborah/Abiti at