Following the prime minister’s speech on Sunday evening, the government has published Our plan to rebuild: the UK government’s covid-19 recovery strategy. The document is intended to provide further details about the government’s proposed plan to ease the lockdown and rebuild the economy and society as we get through the worst of the pandemic.

There are still many questions that have been left unanswered. But one message has been made clear: there is no quick return to ‘normality’, there are no easy answers. The plan itself will inevitably be adapted and changed, depending on how this first easing of the restrictions impacts on the number of cases and as understanding of the virus develops.

We will hopefully get further clarity on some of these issues when the government publishes its ‘covid secure’ guidance for workplaces later this week. We will update our coronavirus guidance page once we have seen this guidance.

For now, this blog sets out what we know so far and what charities need to think about.
NCVO Blog – The governments covid 19 recovery strategy implications for charities