Code Your Support are a non-profit organisation that supports refugees, asylum seekers and other disadvantaged people. They teach them how to code, support with personal development and help them find meaningful work.

Best way to contact
Telephone: 07306 142223
Website: Code Your Future

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are key to CodeYourFuture, there are three main Volunteering Opportunities.

  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Personal Development

Education Volunteers provide the technical learning side of CodeYourFuture by teaching students HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Outreach Volunteers are often the first point of contact for people interested in what we do. We are looking for people to promote what we are doing online and encourage others to sign up.

For our Outreach you don’t have to be a professional content creator – just organised and pro-active – we’ll provide necessary training

Personal Development Volunteers help our students develop their soft skills and offer support as they progress through the course.

For Personal Development roles no experience / qualifications are required – just a willingness to help someone out, listen, and work with them to point them to the right resources etc.

FLyer: WM Flyer