A small voluntary ran Local Charity, able to to offer support and guidance to all kidney patients under the care of University Hospital of North Midlands. The patients must be either pre-dialysis, on dialysis treatment, or transplanted. The Committee consists of 7 members, who are either kidney patients themselves or related closely to a kidney patient.

As all Committee members are all currently in the Government’s extremely vulnerable group and are having to self-isolate, they are unable at the present time to meet patients or carers face-to-face.
However, they can offer:

  • telephone support
  • non-medical advice
  • counselling and offer a friendly understanding ear

The Charity is also able to offer financial grants to kidney patients for a variety of things if there is a financial need. One of our Committee also works for a National Kidney Charity.

Best way to contact:
Telephone: Mark Davis 07948 380269
Email: mark@kidney.org.uk

Volunteer opportunities
NSSCKPA are always after new volunteers to join the small committee. They would like to see such volunteers remain on the committee for the long term, not just during the Covid-19 outbreak. Knowledge of kidney failure, either from a personal or professional experience would be preferred.