North Staffs Carers continues to support unpaid Carers in this difficult time whilst they are in lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus.

At this time Carers feel even more vulnerable, lonely and isolated and in need of support which is being provided regularly from a telephone call from our support team.

We are supporting Carers around their emotional health and wellbeing, checking that they are safe, well, have adequate food, are able to collect their medication and can continue to manage to care for their loved ones.

As well as telephone support we are offering Carers a variety of information, advice, support and activities on our social media.

We are constantly in touch with Carers so they do not feel alone and continue to provide a much needed community for Carers to feel in touch with NSC staff and other Carers.

Best way to contact:
Website: Carers First
Telephone – 01782 793100