• Taxi meet and greet
• Prescription collection
• Shopping
• Gas or electricity top-ups (apps to be downloaded for online top ups if possible)
• Conversations
• Dog walking

Taxi Meet and Greet (TMG) Service overview
Taxi Meet and Greet service coordinated by Revival, supporting with discharges from Royal Stoke Hospital, Haywood Community Hospital and various CCG beds. It will provide the patient with transport to their home (via a taxi) where a member of the service provider staff will meet the patient at their home to ensure the patient returned home safely and timely, with winter packs, essential food parcel, heating, etc provided if available and required.

Best way to contact
Telephone: 07903 885618 (7 days a week). 0333 014 3389 Monday to Friday for referrals
Email :

• Revival Taxi Meet and Greet is an additional discharge support route which will support the existing hospital discharge process, where Revival TMG capacity permits.
• Prior to discharge, ward/social worker to determine if family are able to ensure essential food items are in the patients home
• Referrals will be made to Revival TMG from ward/Track and Triage and assessing staff.
• Revival to clarify that no patients have or have been treated for Covid 19 before discharge.
• If patient falls into the Covid 19 High Risk Category has provision been arranged for regular delivery of food /prescriptions etc
• Equipment – Patient should have the appropriate assessed equipment supplied on discharge.
• Revival will check patient’s cupboards to see if any essential food items are required. If available Revival will provide essential items, unless family is providing this.