Port Vale Foundation will offer support to local community across the following;

• Keeping in touch – phone calls to those socially isolated / vulnerable and whom connected to PVFC / Foundation during these times.
• Food / care packages – Delivery of food and care packages to the local community to those who are in need and connected to PVFC / Foundation programmes and wider community.
• Food parcels – working with the Hubb Foundation to support the North Hub delivering food parcels.
• School support – Offering PVFC Foundation staff to support schools in any staff shortages and ways they may need.
• Social Media – online engagement with all ages / target groups to provide e learning and daily challenges.
• Activity Packs – Delivery and online support of exercise and education learning packs / resources to keep the local community active and learning.
• Easter Holidays – working with the Hub Foundation to support schools and families with daily activity / learning and food where required.
• Anything else we can support with on request or signposting to those who can.

Tel: 01782 757066
Email: foundation.trust@port-vale.co.uk
Port Vale Foundation

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